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Soccer Fixed Bets – We are glad you are here! If you came to our site you are only a step from winning over the bookies. Bookies never loose but only if you bet by instinct or expectations! We serve real and on time information about fixed matches 100% sure directly from inside club sources. Information is always checked and confirmed by both clubs. With our information you win for sure! 

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Sport Times Soccer Fixed Bets Info

Information that port times provides comes directly from inside club sources example: coaches, players, sport directors, club doctors, managers…. Our team has a lot of connections all around the world and we use those connections to get real info about Fixed Matches soccer bets.

Every information is double checked and confirmed so there is no room for mistake. With our info you will be always ahead of the bookmakers and make profit each time you get the info. Without real info is almost impossible to make profit but that’s why Sport-Times team is here for you. Betting tips 1×2.


To get the info you can easily subscribe for some of our offers and get the info. Of course every info ha it own cost. As we pay a decent amount to the sources also you as our costumer has to pay to get a information like this. Please don’t ask for free, test or after payment picks cause this options are not available. Juventus bet @Sport-Times.

Sport Times Team offer you a opportunity for payment before and after for the first time so you can feel safe with purchasing the info. This will proof that you are ready to invest on the bet and both ides have mutual benefit from the cooperation.

Fixed Matches HT FT


Fixed Matches HT FT Single or Double matches! Matches info are insiders 100% safe Fixed Matches. Guaranteed win with money refunding option available. Great way to make big profit with only one single bet! Info is always double checked and confirmed by both clubs.




 ODD: +300.00 



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All the info we receive for this matches is 100% guaranteed. Fixed Matches HT FT are most common but also there can be another types of pick. The most important is that matches pick are confirmed by both clubs and there is no risk on the bet. If by any chance happens pick to be wrong Best-FixedMatches team guarantee you next 2 offer free of charge to cover your loses. Or you can choose money refund.



27 Sep, ’23

Kozani FC v PAE Chania
Tip.1/2 @25.00 | 1:0/1:2 W

Casertana v Monopoli
Tip.1/X @15.00 | 1:0/1:1 W

 Total Odd: 375.00 WIN 

24 Sep, ’23

Karditsa v AEK Athens FC B
Tip.2/1 @29.00 | 0:1/2:1 W

MOL Fehervar v Zalaegerszegi
Tip.1/X @15.00 | 1:0/3:3 W

 Total Odd: 435.00 WIN 

17 Sep, ’23

FC Hermannstadt v FC Voluntari
Tip.2/1 @26.00 | 0:1/3:1 W

Tuzlaspor v Adanaspor AS
Tip.2/1 @23.00 | 0:1/2:1 W

 Total Odd: 598.00 WIN 

10 Sep, ’23

Fuerte San Francisco v Santa Tecla
Tip.2/1 @26.00 | 0:1/2:1 W

3 Sep, ’23

KTP v Honka
Tip.1/2 @23.00 | 1:0/1:2 W

31 Aug, ’23

Aris v Slovan Bratislava
Tip.O7.5 @21.00 | 6:2 W

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Scroll down to check next offer on ticket accumulator or the free daily picks. Free daily picks are not PREMIUM bets but it can help you as advice in your betting strategy and betting results. Yet if you want real fixed matches with no risk subscribe for some of our offer.


 Conversations proof of the reliable insider info provided to our PREMIUM MEMBERS!

real fixed matches today 100 sure   fixed match

 Contact us for info how to get this info and become our PREMIUM MEMBER! 

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Fixed Matches

#1.  HT/FT Fixed Matches!      #2. Ticket Fixed Matches Subscription!

Fixed Matches Welcome to the Best Fixed Matches Web Site. Over the years we managed to keep our service to maximum professional dedication and support to our members and all other interseted cooperators.

Best-FixedMatches become trusted and reliable organisation about betting matches, fixed matches link info and free soccer predictions that helps you in your betting strategy.

To get to the premium membership service and start with sure wins every week please check some of our offers!


fixed matches

24th norway fixed matches Start v Moss
Tip.X | @4.00 | 0:0 W
25th slovenia fixed matches Bilje v Rudar
Tip.X | @3.33 | 2:2 W
26th turkey fixed matches Balikesirspor v Burhaniye
Tip.X2 | @3.35 | 0:1 W
27th romania fixed matches Tunari v Univ. Craiova
Tip.X/X | @7.20 | 0:0/1:1 W

 Contact us for info how to get this info and become our PREMIUM MEMBER! 

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Fixed Matches + 100.00 odd guaranteed win. Fixed matches info directly from inside club sources. Contact us for price and details!!!

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Soccer betting pick Fixed Matches

Sport betting is one of the most popular entertainment this days. For someone entertainment but for others ways to make some pocket money and others to try to get rich.

As betting popularity is growing and more and more bookmakers are presented everyday sport became a large business.  Not just in sport itself but also in the betting industry billion of euros are included every year.

Types of Betting:

  1. Sports Betting: One of the most popular forms of betting involves predicting the outcome of sporting events. People bet on sports like football, basketball, horse racing, and more. Sports betting can be done at physical bookmakers or online sportsbooks.

  2. Casino Gambling: Casinos offer a wide range of games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. Players bet money on these games with the hope of winning.

  3. Lotteries: Lotteries are games of chance where participants purchase tickets with numbers. Winning numbers are drawn randomly, and players win prizes based on matching their numbers to the drawn ones.

  4. Poker: Poker is a card game that combines skill and strategy with betting. Players bet chips based on the strength of their hands, and the best hand wins the pot.

Fixing matches by bookmakers

And here it comes the part where we ask how bookmakers market grows and how they make money?

However the answer is simple. They rearrange the matches outcomes or what we call fixing matches. And this is how fixed matches comes in play.

Firstly they are in favor for bookmakers to earn money cause when one match is bet more and more and bettors eventually will win therefore bookmaker needs to pay but they don’t want to. So they will rearrange the result and that expected bet will fail. That is to say bookmakers don’t pay and they keep the money.

Fixed matches by the clubs

Likewise sometimes when clubs are financially struggling. Consequently they will fix a match and bet in different bookmakers so they can earn some money. Betting tips 1×2.

Sometimes even referees and players will fix the match so they can make some profit.

All this causes a bettor who will not have the have info to loose on regular base and ask himself where is the mistake. In short mistake is that you bet by expectation and you don’t have real info. ht/ft – 1/2 and 2/1 tips for today.

Real Fixed Matches. Arena fixed matches

Sport-Times is leading info website about fixed matches. Our team is consisted from ex or present, for instance: players, coaches, sport manager, sport doctors, club directors, bookmakers employs etc. which use their connections subsequently to get to real and reliable information about arena fixed game.

As a result we wait and check for confirmation by more sources so that we are sure that games will win and the info is real for Free betting tips For today sure wins.

The sources that gives us the info also want to make profit cause usually this is the only way to make profit. So they can not risk to bet them directly as it will be suspicious to bet on the teams where you work. So, therefore that’s how the networks was developed. In the same vein bet with third parts and earn money.

Bet with Sport Times

Most importantly to receive the real info you need to subscribe for some of our offers at Sport-Times fixed matches.

Above all to get the info and how to subscribe prices and offer please contact us via mail or WhatsApp.

Arena Fixed Matches Bet 100% Guaranteed Win

Sport Times is definitely the bet betting info provider in the world. Moreover we always double check and wait for confirmation from both clubs when we offer an info.

Our service is completely safe and reliable. Therefore this picks are sure and mistakes are not allowed. We guarantee every match an give recommendation for instance how to bet and how much to stake.

In order to prevent over betting on the fixed bets we would advice you for example to bet in different bookmakers or sometimes even to loose on purpose so bookmakers will not suspect that you have real info. In addition you will bet with no risk at all. Most importantly your earnings will be safe. As a result of this we will have a mutual benefit. That is to say win-win situation.

Betting Tips:

  1. Responsible Betting: Betting should be done responsibly and within one’s means. Set a budget for betting and stick to it. Never bet money you cannot afford to lose.

  2. Research: In sports betting, thorough research and analysis can improve your chances of making informed bets. Know the teams, players, and statistics before placing a wager.

  3. Understanding Odds: Odds represent the probability of an event occurring. Learning how odds work is essential in betting. Odds can be displayed in various formats, including fractional, decimal, and moneyline odds.

  4. Bankroll Management: Manage your betting bankroll wisely. Don’t bet all your funds on a single wager. Diversify your bets to spread risk.

  5. Emotional Control: Avoid emotional betting. Don’t chase losses or bet excessively when on a winning streak. Stay level-headed and stick to your strategy.

  6. Legality: Be aware of the legal status of betting in your jurisdiction. Laws regarding betting vary from place to place.

  7. Addiction Awareness: Some individuals may develop a gambling addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling, seek help from support organizations and professionals.

  8. Fixed Matches: Getting reliable and real fixed matches info gives you 100% chance to win with no risk. Finding true source is key factor as many offer false info. With us you are in save hands.


Betting can add excitement and entertainment to various aspects of life, from sports to casino games. However, it’s essential to approach betting with responsibility and awareness of the potential risks involved. By understanding the types of betting, practicing responsible gambling, and staying informed, you can enjoy betting as a recreational activity.

Get Fixed Matches Best Tips 1×2

So to get the info you can contact us via Mail or WhatsApp. Further our agent will be with you as soon as possible and we will make the agreement on the offer, price most importantly depending on the odds for the very next matches.

Firstly we will make agreement on the payment method you will use. Secondly after payment is done your unique account will be created in our database and we will start the cooperation.

Please do not ask for free test or after payment matches. We offer best prices for start and we only look for serious cooperators. Therefore if you wanna make a descent profit from betting you must certainly be ready to invest in the begging. After that when you make your first profit you will have no trouble at all to continue investing.

Real Fixed Matches, accurate info and reliable sources

So we are aware that struggle to find a arena real fixed matches is hard. Therefore we have created this site. To most importantly help you not to waste your time and money and above all get you on the winning track. Meanwhile why you are waiting the profit from one bet we are already working on the next one. That is to say all you gave to do is make the bets and share some profits with us so we can find another info.

However to join us you have to make some invest. Firstly pre payment subscription and secondly after win fees. To sum up we share the profit. Therefore more you win more we earn. Consequently we will be dedicated for you to win as much as possible.

Firstly we will give you the first and after that win in other words after your profit we will expect after payment fee. That is to say this will show us you are serious and we will start with further info and get a huge profit.

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Fixed Games

Fixed Games Browse through our website and pick a game which most suited to your needs and interests. Compare results from previous matches as well to deduce the best possible outcome. However forget about betting based on instincts and the old gut feeling. Daily Fixed Football Matches.




Free betting tips of the day are analyzed pick by our team. They are predictions and not fixed matches. We do not guarantee this picks. They should be used only as advice in your favor.

28/09/2023 THURSDAY
Fenerbahce v Basaksehir
Tip.1 @1.35 | -:-
Netherlands Fixed Matches AZ Alkmaar v Heracles
Tip.1 @1.29 | -:-

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Fixed Matches + 100.00 odd guaranteed win. Fixed matches info directly from inside club sources. Contact us for price and details!!!



Therefore we propose a SURE way of winning with our detailed analytics, guarded high-quality information right from the source, and of course the latest technology equipped with trained experts. But our methods of processing and collecting data have never failed our clients before when it comes to accurate fixed matches. Prosoccer Gr Betting Tips.

Receive a substantial profit with every genuine fixed match order therefore this is your great chance to win for sure. Hence our teams have been trained and networked in this industry to create opportunities for our clients like never before. Likewise Fixed Games Choose us as your loyal investment partners who will aid you in growing your wealth through a long and committed relationship. Matches Football Betting Tips.

Real Fixed Games

Soccer Buy Fixed Matches
So Solo betting online has so many advantages which is one of the reasons that people buy matches for solo betting Fixed Games. With technology, everything has become easier and safer. Above all Fixed Matches

Accurate game tips 100% sure

However you have access to matches throughout the world and you are not limited to matches in your area. You have various payment options. You can bet, from your house in comfort. Football betting tips.

Most importantly In face-to-face betting, there are many rules and regulations and even in casinos, but that isn’t the case with online betting and you can bet freely. For instance you can select any game that you like without any constraints. 3 Fixed Matches.

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Get Real HT/FT Fixed Matches

Get Real HT/FT Fixed Matches. Subscription includes Insider info Fixed  Matches with total odd +300.00 – for double offer.  All matches info comes from insiders. 100% guarantee win! Free betting tips For today sure wins.


Free betting tips of the day are analyzed pick by our team. They are predictions and not fixed matches. We do not guarantee this picks. They should be used only as advice in your favor.

27/09/2023 WEDNESDAY
Erbaaspor v Fatsa Bld.
Tip.O1.5 @1.30 | 3:0 W
Rogaska v Bravo
Tip.O1.5 @1.30 | 2:0 W
Real Madrid v Las Palmas
Tip.1 @1.25 | 2:0 W
Newcastle v Manchester City
Tip.BTS @1.62 | 1:0 L

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Fixed Matches + 100.00 odd guaranteed win. Fixed matches info directly from inside club sources. Contact us for price and details!!!

Get Real HT/FT Fixed Matches, a term that frequently surfaces in the realm of sports betting, are a topic fraught with controversy and illegality. These matches represent a dark underbelly of the sports world, where the integrity of the game is compromised for illicit financial gain. To shed light on this murky subject, it’s essential to understand what fixed matches entail and why they are a serious issue.

What Are Fixed Matches? Fixed Odds Football

Fixed matches refer to sporting events, including football (soccer), tennis, and others, in which the outcome has been prearranged or manipulated by individuals with a vested interest in the result. However typically, these manipulations involve players, referees, or other key stakeholders conspiring to ensure that a specific outcome occurs, regardless of the natural course of the game.

The Motive Behind Fixed Matches

The primary motive behind fixed Get Real HT/FT Fixed Matches is financial gain. Those involved in fixing matches often stand to profit significantly by placing bets on the predetermined outcome, knowing that the result is all but guaranteed. After that this can involve vast sums of money changing hands, with the betting syndicates and those on the inside reaping the rewards.

HT/FT Fixed Matches

Get Real HT/FT Fixed MatchesIn addition Fixed matches pose a grave threat to the integrity of sports. Sporting events are celebrated for their unpredictability and the thrill of competition. That is to say when the outcome is preordained, it erodes the very essence of what makes sports captivating and fair on the other hand. Fans, athletes, and sports organizations all suffer when the trust in the authenticity of matches is undermined.

Fixed Bet

After that finding fixed matches requires the collective effort of sports organizations, sport agencies, and the public. That is to say education and contact with players, coaches, and officials can help them recognize the signs of match-fixing and in addition report.


On the other hand Fixed matches represent a reprehensible practice that undermines the very essence of sports. The pursuit of fair play, competition, and the joy of victory should remain untainted by manipulation and corruption. To protect the integrity of sports, it is incumbent upon all stakeholders—athletes, fans, and authorities—to remain vigilant and unwavering in their commitment to preserving the authenticity of the games we love. That is to say Betting on legitimately contested matches is not only more ethical but also more rewarding, however as it upholds the true spirit of sportsmanship and competition.

Fixed Matches Football Betting

Fixed Matches Football Betting From reliable insider sources. Important to approach sports betting with caution and responsibility, as it carries both the thrill of victory and the risk of financial loss.

 To avoid risk of loss you can always check out our insider fixed info and enjoy in sure win! 



Free betting tips of the day are analyzed pick by our team. They are predictions and not fixed matches. We do not guarantee this picks. They should be used only as advice in your favor.

26/09/2023 TUESDAY
tennis fixed matches Zverev A. v Safiullin R.
Tip.1 @1.33 | 2:1 W
Sevilla v Almeria
Tip.1 @1.67 | 5:1 W
Juventus v Lecce
Tip.1 @1.50 | 1:0 W

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Fixed Matches + 100.00 odd guaranteed win. Fixed matches info directly from inside club sources. Contact us for price and details!!!

Fixed Matches Football Betting are offered by many sources, such as sports magazines, newspapers, online forums, and even television programs. Each one of these offers its own unique football betting tips, football picks, and predictions. But the top football picks come from an organization that’s considered the top authority on European football picks and predictions. And that’s Best-FixedMatches. There are also another prediction sites like Vitibet. But this are only predictions.

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Sport Times Football Betting Tips and Fixed Games 

Best-FixedMatches as world leading service in real info and true info
. We will provide you with sure information on time. We will provide you with best info and strategy how to bet for great profit. Strategy that will keep you safe from getting caught by bookmakers and freeze your account. Cause they don’t want to loose. So with Sport-Times strategy you will get steady profit each month.

Manipulated Football Fixed Tips

Odds on Euro football games have been proven to be very accurate. That is to say thanks to the vast research that has been done over the years. Experts at the Odds Watch Europe site have perfected their predictions in every category, including matches between top teams. Predictions for popular European leagues such as the Champions League, the Spanish La Liga, and the Italian Serie A. They have also correctly picked the winners of the infamous UEFA Cup. The Dutch Eredivisie, and the Champions League. Their football tips are considered the pinnacle of European football picks and predictions.

If you would like to enjoy free football betting tips and picks, to clarify you can find them at the free section but this picks are not guaranteed. If you are looking for real and accurate Soccer Fixed Matches. you can check out our offers that will provide you with real information on time and help you make constant winning in betting.

Best Bookmakers Odds Fixed Matches Football Betting

First thing you wanna do is to find a good bookmakers that offer best odds and betting options. Also you wanna bookmaker that have cash out option.

Finding a good football betting tips is not an easy process. Therefore every picks you have to choose must be carefully selected and analyzed about current form of both clubs their before meeting, expectation for that season, missing players… Many factor plays a role in the final result of the Fixed Matches Football Betting.

But even though you have all the info it’s not a guarantee that the final result will be as you expected. Why? Well sometimes it’s a pure luck and many times match is fixed

Accurate info and sure winning picks

The best football picks are made by experts who make their living gauging the best football betting odds. The best teams to bet on, and the best football players to watch at a given point in time. Many football picks sites offer money back guarantees to protect your rights as a bettor and will not share your football picks with any third party. Above all this ensures that your football betting tips are true and no wager is ever placed at risk of losing money.

What we do in Best-FixedMatches is we use our huge network of cooperators all around the world (caches, players, managers, club directors…). However to find an info about fixed matches. Therefore every info is double checked an confirmed by both clubs.

However Fixed football betting tips are best way to win over bookmakers. And maybe the only way. Cause many times as you can notice huge favorites can happen to loose by some very weak opponent. However sometimes that’s lack of motivation but many times is just a Fixed Matches Football Betting.

That is to say football betting tips are just expectations and analyzed games. But they can not guarantee you any sure and stable profit. They are moreover t good for a fun and playing with luck. But if you want to get seriously in betting business. Which counted in billions of euros each year you need to have real info.

Best Football Betting Tips

This can also be considered as good news for the people interested in Fixed matches in EU. Because mostly there people are only suspected and finding groundbreaking evidence as difficult. However fixed match in EU have also been somewhat helpful to the people as they are able to earn tons of money by only spending a little amount.

On the other hand Europe fixed matches, especially in the small leagues have become very common. One of the reasons for it can also be students who go to EU to study from all over the world and taking part in fixed matches can help them earn money easily and quickly. To clarify there’re around 300 matches that are fixed yearly in Europe.

The most important thing to remember while betting in Football matches is that you should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the team that you are betting on. But then again over here we are talking about Football Fixed Match betting and moreover the result will be decided, above all you would just be betting on the winning team to earn more money.

Surest Fixed Matches Football Betting

Don’t just be a simple bystander in your favorite matches, choose and bet on the winning team to increase the thrill and your profits. To clarify with our help of providing customers with only the most accurate and top outcomes of fixed matches, we ensure high benefits and minimized risks.

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